Philosophy of Our Times

Friends and Fellow Americans I am sure that most of you share my concerns for the future of our nation. Now that I have six beautiful grand children, my concerns for the direction our leaders are headed have become a matter of critical concern for me and my wife Ashley. As I study the history of the founding of this nation, I have become more convinced that the founding fathers were men of tremendous courage and a sacrificial nature. Many of the leaders in our nation today are just the opposite. They have failed to show courage and seem to expect the people of America to simply support their personal agendas without questioning their motives. America is in serious jeopardy and “ We the People” must get involved in order to preserve “The American Dream” and to protect our Constitution. Sadly, there are many in America today that want to make the nation more like the European continent, which is currently failing financially and socially because of its socialist trends. Socialism has never succeeded, yet many still believe in it . We must protect America from this Socialist movement which wants to destroy our “Free Market” system. We must reject the notion that the Federal Government is responsible for our future or that we are “entitled” to anything other than OPPORTUNITY. It is the responsibility of each American to help a neighbor-­‐in-­‐need, but the politicians in Washington, DC have created an attitude of entitlements that must be stopped. We need to emphasize hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit rather than redistribution of wealth.

The issues facing America today are varied and complex. They include the following: (1) Growing debt that mortgages our future and threatens an economic collapse. 2) Insecure borders that allows millions of illegal immigrants to enter our nation and to leverage our social services, health care, schools, and prisons. Many of the immigrants coming across our borders are know to be associated with terrorists groups. 3) A growing encroachment of Shariah (Islamic Law) in our US Court system. A recent study showed that 27 court cases in America were adjudicated according to Shariah. Article VI of the US constitution prohibits the use of religious or foreign law. 4) Dependence on imported oil which leaves America vulnerable to the geopolitics of unstable regions on the world like the Mid-­‐East and Africa. 5) Growing influence of the Anti-­‐Christian and Anti-­‐Semitic elements in America while the influence of the church and synagogue declines. As a result, morals in America are in decline as well. 6) Growing influence of the Environmentalists movements hindering businesses and energy independence. Why does America depend on energy from nations who want to destroy us rather than becoming energy independent? 7) Increasing encroachment of the government on American civil liberties and individual freedoms. The abuse of airline passengers by TSA is a prime example. The efforts to pass “Cap and Trade” legislation reflect an effort to establish more government control of many aspects of the lives of American citizens. 8) A declining education system that alters the history of the US, removing the history of the influence of faith in the building and sustainment of America. 9) An increasing trend to “Globalization”, including global governance. Any coalition of nations for economic unity, (ex: The EU), requires the forfeiture of elements of the constitutions of member nations and adherence to legislation passed by the coalition. 10) Declining morals in America resulting in the growth of same-­‐sex marriage, abortion, pornography, disintegration of the family, and corruption at many levels. Working together with each person doing his and her part, we can change the direction of the nation. It begins with exercising our rights as a free citizenry. The most fundamental of those rights is that of the ballot. Americans must vote and support candidates. I would not advocate for the candidates nor encourage that you vote for one party over another as both parties have failed in their basic responsibilities. The key is that each of us vote our conscience and our values.

May God bless you all,
Jerry Boykin
Lieutenant General, U.S. Army, (ret)

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