Doreen Hannes has been an avid student of effects of The World Trade Organisation, Free Trade Agreements on the livelihood of citizens of the United States since the establishment of the WTO and ratification of NAFTA in 1994-95. Her dominant area of interest has been the impact on independent agriculture and the ramifications of these agreements upon food freedom.

Doreen is a full time volunteer advocate for independent agriculture since 2005 and is a respected leader in the national movement to halt the National Animal Identification System, now known as ADT (Animal Disease Traceability). Doreen has written extensively on NAIS as well as authored and co-authored several white papers on topics affecting the consolidation of independent agriculture. She is frequently on talk radio such as, The Power Hour, Liberty Round Table and Truth Farmer of Liberty News Radio, while writing for News With Views . Doreen has served on the R-CALF USA Animal ID Committee for several years, is the principal researcher and speaker for the Ozarks PRC and was appointed the position of Director of Research for the National Independent Consumer and Farmers Association because of her dedication to the mission statement of the group and her ability to relate complex and unfamiliar material in a concise and meaningful manner.

Thoughts on the times in which we live:

Never before in the history of mankind has there been such ability to surveil and control the most basic of human rights...our right to eat and produce food of our choice. Food is treated as a controlled substance by the FDA and USDA and we cannot allow them to continue to pursue their control paradigm without resistance. We must secure our right to food freedom. Our lives, the lives of our children, and the idea of freedom itself depend upon it. Without food, we cannot be free.

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