"Pastor Butch Paugh, Call To Decision Ministries, is a born and bred native of the state of West Virginia, an old fashioned Òhillbilly preacherÓ that signs his name, Pastor Butch Paugh P.P.P. ( pistol packing preacher ), this, to reinforce our right to keep and bear arms.

A preacher for 35 years, married to Marsha Jean Dotson for over 40 years, he has three sons and six grandchildren. Also a Patriot radio broadcaster for nearly 19 years, where he covers ALL political issues from a strictly Biblical world view and is VERY disappointed that all pastors don't do the same. ÒThere is not one area of life that should not concern the Christian and scripture covers them ALL!! Pastors are doing themselves, the church and the nation a great disservice by not covering the Christian faith as it relates to the founders and society today.Ó No matter the risk. Pastor Butch is a non-compromising minister that will tell you the truth!!

"The reason the church does not fulfill the great commandment given them by Christ in Matthew 28 is because they are NOT true churches. They are 501c3 IRS created corporations that are obligated by law to obey government position. THIS IS THE REASON THIS NATION IS BEING TURNED AWAY FROM GOD!!! Its not the fault of the white house, the state house or the court house, it is the fault of the church house, and more specifically the pulpits of America!! Most pastors are well paid pulpit prostitutes!!

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